Saturday, November 30, 2013

Abstract Expressionism Painting, Mystical Figure Art "Return Again" by Contemporary Arizona Artist Pat Stacy

This painting is another in the Metamorphosis series. The series is characterized by warm rich gold and red orange accented with copper, green and stamping with my handmade stamps. It differs from the others in the series as it has an Entity or Being touched by the light of the Creator that is done in interference paint that allows light to reflect only in one direction. The Entity may be seen just a small amount, or it may be bright copper depending on the light. The painting has a mysterious, almost mystical quality about it, and invites you to sit and ponder. The UV topcoat gives the painting a sheen reminiscent of quality shined shoe leather and adds to the rich feel of the canvas. It is a spectacular painting that would set off today's high ceilings and rooms with large expanses. It is a personal favorite of mine. Gallery wrapped similar to the painting, there is no need to frame.

36"x60"x1.5 Original/Available

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